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Generating branches on a custom trunk.

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  • Generating branches on a custom trunk.

    I would like to be able to generate branches on a custom trunk that I have sculpted in Zbrush.

    I've been searching and trying things for the past hours and watched multiple tutorials, but it always seems to be for a photogrammetry base that they extend the trunk to then generate the branches. In my case, I already have a full trunk.

    I've come across this video that would be what I am looking for, but I cannot seem to make it work.

    In this video the "click place" option is the photogrametry generators, wich I dont see.
    I've searched and found the "click place" feature under Freehand mode but when I try to use it on my mesh I get the message "[WARNING] Click-placing not valid for this type of object.]

    Do you guys have any idea that could help me? I am extremely new to speedtree and any help is appreciated.



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    Hey oddbuzz the most up to date methods of integrating photogrammetry can be found on our docs.

    I can recommend workflows depending on your trunk: assuming your base is a highly stylized trunk, you should be able to use targets or 3D anchors.

    A fairly regular trunk might be a great candidate for conversion; converted mesh geometry then functions as procedural ST geometry, able to be used with all other procedural generators.

    Hope these links are a helpful start!