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Is there a way to export proxy into the 3DSMAX

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  • Is there a way to export proxy into the 3DSMAX

    Hi guys. I exported the pinecone object from 3dsmax into the speed tree and it created the proxy node for some reason (But I think I need something like "leaf mesh" or "batched leaves" to be able to export it "as a mesh" back into 3dsmax once my pine tree is ready? But the problem is that i have already finished with all of the settings so is there a way to copy those settings somehow from the "proxy node" into the "leaf mesh" node? Or maybe there is a way to export it into 3dsmax with "proxy node" but maybe I dont know about this? Because I tried to export it with proxy but it exports everything but the proxy. So what do you suggest?

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    Proxies can be divided into IPv4 and IPv6 by the type of IP address provided. Currently, IPv6 is actively developing, and there are more and more sites with IPv6 support. But there is still a large segment of the Internet that only works with IPv4 without IPv6 support. There are for graphic programs like yours. When choosing between IPv4 and IPv6 proxies, ensure that the resource you connect to through the proxy supports the correct version of the protocol.
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