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Animating growth of vines with force generator

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  • Animating growth of vines with force generator


    Is there a way of animating the growth of a branch which has been attracted to another branch (vines wrapping around a trunk)?

    I'm getting a warning saying "Growth disabled due to generator based geometry forces". Is there a workaround for this - perhaps baking the vine geometry somehow so the force generators can be removed?

    My goal is to create something that looks like this and animate its growth:

    (Or is there another way to achieve this without force generators?)

    If I can achieve that with SpeedTree then I will buy a licence to use SpeedTree in this project :-)

    Any help much appreciated!


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    Hello phillxfx

    Yes there is a workaround to animate the growth of a branch that wraps around another branch. For this, you will need to export the supporting branch (and any other part that your vines will be climbing on) as a static mesh. You can then reimport that asset in the modeler. Use it as a force by going to Forces/ Add/ Geometry/ *your mesh* and assign this newly created force to your vines.
    By default, your geometry mesh force should be set to Attract / obstruct like your previous generator force and will not be included visually in your model.
    Note that you will need to reexport/import your mesh if you modify your base branch.

    We hope this helps!


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      Thank you Genevieve that works perfectly - I'm off to buy a licence :-)


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        Is there a way to hide the static mesh in the viewer?

        I'm trying to fine tune the animation of the original branch and it's obscured by the static mesh, but I can't see an obvious way to hide it...


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          Hello phillxfx

          I'm glad this solution worked out for your project
          To hide your force, select it and press H
          To toggle the visibility, you can click on Forces in the Generation window and select your mesh force, it will appear again.