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Unable to add a tip to the trunk using extend parent

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  • Unable to add a tip to the trunk using extend parent


    I'm trying to put a pointed tip on the end of my trunk so there's not just an open end.

    I've added a branch to the trunk and set Extend Parent to Any but this is creating a new branch on the side of the trunk rather than at the end of it (See attached image)

    Can anyone advise how I can get the new branch to extend the trunk to form a tip?


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    Hello phillxfx

    If you don't want to get an extra branch on your trunk, you can set the Absolute Number to 0 in the Generation tab, currently it is set to 1. It's hard to know why there's no branch extending from your trunk without having your file in hand. Would you mind sending us the tree for testing? Just do a 'Save as with Assets' into a new folder and zip that. You can send it to [email protected] mentionning this thread.

    Thank you!


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      Ok will do! Thanks Genevieve :-)


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        Hello phillxfx

        Thank you, I took a look at your file! Your branch is there, it's just that your timeline slider is not at the end of the animation, so it hasn't grown yet


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          Oh of course! Sorry - I should have thought of that, as that's caught me out before!

          Thanks for looking at it for me :-)