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Wind animation in Unreal Engine 5

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  • Wind animation in Unreal Engine 5

    Hello, I recently bought speedtree 9. I have SpeedTree Games Modeler 9.1.3 and exported a simple tree in unreal engine 5 but then when I add the wind I get a strange result very different than in SpeedTree viewport. I added links to videos as well.
    I export with the default UE4 setting but the trees seem distorted and I don't get the right wind animation.

    SpeedTree viewport:

    Unreal Engine 5 viewport:

    Can you help me with this?
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    Are you exporting ST or ST9 files to go into Unreal? They use different wind methods, and you need to be sure the tree is tuned for the correct one.

    If you are using ST, the wind needs to be set on the fan to "Legacy", and if you are using ST9, it needs to be set to "Games". There should be a dialog warning you if there is a mismatch before you export (before the dialog in your screenshot).

    Once you verify this, we can investigate further.