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  • UDK and Speedtree

    I was wondering if there is any reason why most dev's on the UDK forums say not to use Speedtree in painting large terrain areas.
    Most all recommend going to another source to get just Static Mesh trees and foliage.

    Are there tweaks that they do not know about or is this true and we should not use Speedtree for large terrains only for small games?


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    In general, a SpeedTree will be slightly slower than a static mesh of similar quality because of the wind effects it does. Also, Epic has highly tuned their static mesh pipeline, further than the current implementation of SpeedTrees. There are many improvements coming in regards to this, btw.

    But for now, there are many things to weigh. Drawing a lot of anything is slow. If you put thousands of cubes onto a terrain you would see a slowdown, too. You have to weigh the quality of the trees you place with the number you want. If you need an entire terrain of trees, then a simpler static mesh tree may be better. If you need some really good trees that blow in the wind up close to the camera, then you'll want to use SpeedTree.