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  • Export with pivot points

    Is it possible to export from modeler and maintain the pivot point locations of the branches and leaves? Tried exporting with different hierachies and formats but all objects pivots get reset to world 0. Trying to export and maintain the same origin or pivot point of each leaf and branch that is in speedtree.

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    Exported geometry is one whole object, so it can only have one pivot point. However, you can export a model with bones and its weights and then decompose it in your 3D editor. I'm usually using Houdini for such a task to do this automatically.
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      There are two different kinds of export you can do - static mesh (like in SpeedTree Cinema) and export to game (like in Games).

      For static mesh export, exporting grouped by hierarchy will give you the correct pivots for each batch of geometry. This most likely is a branch with its children. If you want more batches, set the hierarchy level higher. The one caveat to this is that if you enable bones/skeleton, then the pivots will all be set to the origin so they don't interfere with the bone weighting.

      For games exporting, a few formats can export by hierarchy, like FBX. If you look in Sedles picture, you can see the hierarchy setting in the LOD section. But other formats, like ST or ST9, cannot group by hierarchy. However, the same caveat applies if you enable bones.

      Hope this helps


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        I've tried exporting to FBX, and every other export option, the parenting is correct but the objects pivot point gets set to world 0 rather than where you would expect, such as the base of a tree limb. Enabling bones for some reason only creates bones for the roots and nothing else. Not sure how that would help though because I have no idea how you could reset the object pivots to bone locations even if it did export a bone for each object.