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  • Problems with accessing the account


    We made a purchase of your product yesterday January 17, when we wanted to access the account to download and install the software we could not due to a password error.
    When we requested to regenerate the password we did not receive any email, we tried all day long, we wrote to [email protected] and did not receive a reply.
    We called them by phone but it was impossible to talk to anyone, the extension is not available, we left a voice message.

    Invoice number: 56656
    Order number: 862494

    We have noticed that we do not receive any email with which we registered the account, when we made the purchase and created the account we never received any email, it may be that they are blocking it for some reason.
    For our part we have added them in white lists, both email and domain and IP, we still do not receive anything.

    We have another email with another domain since we do receive their emails, we have created a test account and it worked correctly.

    If it was possible and you could not solve the email problem, you can change the email using the other domain that does work to access the account and download the product, the licenses are blocked and are registered by sending mail.

    (If you need me to give you the new email to make the change or to contact via email contact via this forum, I remain attentive)

    Can you help us?​​

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    Hello sistemas,

    We received your email in our support mailbox, you should receive an answer shortly!