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Hows to create multiple flares at bottom of trunk?

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  • Hows to create multiple flares at bottom of trunk?


    I found this really old video of a timelapse of speedtree. At about the 10 second mark, the user creates 3 flares for the bottom of the trunk, but these setttings seem to be unavailable in the current versions of speedtree. I tried playing with the various curves available in displacement, but I was not able to create a similar result.

    Does anyone have any ideas of how to recreate a result similar to what is seen in this video (I recommend playing it at 0.25x speed to see what is going on):

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    Hello FrostBear

    You can create this effect by adjusting the Flares settings in the Displacement section of your trunk properties.

    Click image for larger version

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    We hope this helps!


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      Hello and thank you Genevieve!

      I was hoping for a slightly more detailed explanation of which of the sliders and curves would control this, but I will try to mimic your settings and I'll probably understand which of them actually produce the shapes.


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        Replicating the results were simple enough, but I must admit that in this case the UI truly and really is not intuitive in any kind of way. The old UI from the video seemed far simpler and more user friendly for this type of work. Just some food for thought