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  • Problems with leaves?

    I am having a problem getting any leaves to show up unless I put around 40 steps, but then it is only in the very middle of the tree? Is that normal? I have to put it up to 50 with the max distance, in placement, to 1, to get them to start to get some to the outer branches. But even then I can not get the leave to look attached to the branches? If I try a smaller max distance the leaves disappear from the outer edges of the tree if I put more the leave move even further away from the branches. I want to have a tree with very few leaves, maybe 1 or 2 every other level 3 branch. What am I doing wrong? I have check to make sure there are no curves that could be keeping the leaves from going out to the outer branches or pushing them off of the branches. I have check the settings in the lod. Tried changing first and last in generation. Any ideas?

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    Is your leaf generator using 'Relative' style? If so, then the number of steps you'll see is a function of the number you enter and the length of the parent branch. That could explain the large number you're having to use for the steps value.

    To get the leaves to grow directly off of the parent you should have min and max distance in the placement group be 0.0 with an angle of 0.5. Is it possible for you to upload the .spm file so I can take a look?


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      So here is my file. So with this file I can not get twigs 2 to go onto all of the level 2 branches and twigs 3 on all of the level 2 branches. I want to have the leaves at the end of all of the twigs 2 and leaves 3 at the end of the the level 3 branches. I tried putting o for min and max and angle at .5. When I drop the max from 1 to 0 I lose a lot of leaves. Any ideas?
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        Here is an edited version:

        This still may not be exactly what you're looking for but I believe it's closer. This is roughly what I did:

        -Changed all the branch volume thresholds to 1.0 with max curves -- this stopped some of the smaller branches from being LODed out.
        -Eliminated size scalar node edits (they were making the subsequent leaves too large -- editing length is probably a better option).
        -Upped the number of steps on the twigs to make sure the number was large enough to put twigs everywhere.
        -Changed the leaf generation to absolute with one step near the end (first and last both set high).
        -Made min and max distance on the leaves zero.
        -Switched the leaves over to 'simple mesh' since I didn't have your mesh.

        Hope this helps!


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          Sorry it's taken so long to get back thank you so much for your help I am looking at it now.


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            So put some leaves in and I am wondering how I can get the leaves from intersecting on another and the branches? Also what do I adjust to get them to hang more naturally? Right now some of the leaves are facing inward toward the trunk.

            I create the mesh inside of speedtree, but I was wondering if I would get any benefit from creating it in another 3d app? I would like to add some warp tho the leave so it's not so fat, and I thought that you could do that inside of speedtree? If I want to be able to distort the mesh, so that I can get the leaves to look more random, do I have to convert my mesh into a frond mesh?
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              We model most of our leaf meshes outside of SpeedTree and import them as meshes. You can get better results that way most of the time; however, applying a little 'z' offset to the generated meshes often works well enough for simple leaf geometry.

              To keep leaves from hitting each other take a look at the 'Leaf Collision' group on the 'Tree' generator. This is a post compute operation that removes intersecting leaves.

              The 'Meshes' group on the leaf generator is primarily responsible for how the leaf meshes are oriented on the tree. You might consider using the 'sky sensitive' orientation option to quickly get more natural behavior. Take a look at the 'Jitter' property in that group as well regarding mesh deformation. You can also have a single leaf generator use multiple meshes (add more 'Types' in the 'Leaves' group) to increase the randomness.