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Exporting animations for Unity

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  • Exporting animations for Unity

    So I managed to export my tree in Unity after I tweaked it a bit and everything is in order but I can't seem to load the animation. It gives me some kind of weird script that doesn't run. How do you run these animation in engines generally and specialy in Unity? Thank you!

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    The normal route is to integrate the SpeedTree SDK into the game and let it handle the wind effects and LOD computations for you at runtime. The wind effects are performed dynamically in a vertex shader. Exporting a static mesh with wind animations as you did contains a vertex cache of the animation, which can be an enormous file not suited for real time.

    There is no integration of SpeedTree with Unity at this time, though you can use SpeedTree meshes in Unity. Unfortunately, the license for SpeedTree Studio or Cinema do not allow real-time use. You will need to look at SpeedTree for Games for that: