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Are UDK SpeedTrees Instanced?

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  • Are UDK SpeedTrees Instanced?

    Just a simple question, my apologies if it has been asked before. Are the SpeedTrees in UDK instanced? That is, if I place the exact same tree 1000 times it will only count as 1 draw call?

    Thank you.

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    SpeedTrees are instanced in that a single model is drawn many times in the scene.

    But I believe you are referring to mesh instancing, where one draw call covers many instances. Currently, the answer is no. But static meshes do not use that either, unless you are working with foliage layers. This may change in the future.


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      Thank you for the reply; I was indeed referring to mesh instancing. I am working with foliage layers, and that is what brought up this question.

      It is interesting that you say this might change--I remember reading in another thread here that SpeedTree developers are working with Epic to improve its implementation in UDK. Likely, something for Unreal Engine 4 ey?

      A future where Unreal Engine 4 and the latest SpeedTree are tightly integrated (with mesh instancing) would be, needless to say, awesome.