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Usage of Speed Tree Studio for games?

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  • Usage of Speed Tree Studio for games?

    Hello everyone,

    I have a question concerning the Studio version of Speedtree. As far as I understood, the Studio-version delivers the same features the Cinema-version does, however with some limitations and without the tree-models from the store. If I own the Studio version of Speedtree to create custom models for games (Not procedural models - just exported, unique models which we then implement in our game), may I buy assets from the SpeedTree store? I'm asking because it explicitely states that these models are not meant to be used in games. Is that because they cannot be created procedurally or is that because of some license issue?

    Why should I not be able to use an asset I buy in whatever way I'd like to? (After all, they're not inexpensive). I'd be very grateful if anyone could shed some light on this issue.

    All the best and thanks in advance,


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    Hi, Damwal, thanks for your question.

    Only SpeedTree for Games may be used in a video game or other real-time application. While there are technical considerations that make its use in real-time inadvisable, SpeedTree Studio is also explicitly prohibited per the terms of the End User License Agreement from any use in real-time. This prohibition extends to anything created in Studio, including meshes & images, plus any image or texture you obtain through our Library. I'm sorry for the unhelpful news, but you are of course welcome to download and try SpeedTree for Games for free for 30 days. The form's at


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      Hello Kevin Meredith,

      Thanks for your answer! I forgot to mention that it is a completley noncommercial production - We don't gain any money out of it and we're a team of volunteers. Does that change anything?