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  • Greg Croft
    A tree with a skeleton is probably what you want to use. When you export FBX, there is an option to include bones. These bones are set up in the Modeler... Show bones in the view extra menu (and maybe switch to wireframe to see them more easily), and then adjust the properties in the Physics group on spine generators to adjust the bone creation. The exported tree will already be rigged with adequate weights, but you can re-rig it if you want, too.

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  • MrTonks
    started a topic Extended Animation Options

    Extended Animation Options


    Started using Speedtree and its absoloutely wonderful, amazing software.

    I had a hypothetical question regarding animation options. Imagine i had two shots:

    1) A large creature brushing past a tree, impacting the branches etc..
    2) A creature lifting the tree by its base and shaking it.

    I love the ability to add wind, so is it possible now / will it be possible in future versions to create more specific animation within speedtree?
    E.G. keyframe moving the tree off the ground and calculating the physics, or have a keyframed metaball force to disrupt the tree.

    I think i saw can export the trees bones in the FBX file, so perhaps i could do this and re-rig the tree in houdini and go from there. But being able to do all this inside speedtree would be immensely useful!