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  • Branch Collision?


    quick question:
    When I generate some standard Branches, all level 2 branches of one lvl 1 branch somehow grow into the same direction... how can i randomise this? they somehow all grow parallel... why?

    And is there something like branch collision? Because sometimes the lvl 2 branches of one lvl1 branch just go through another lvl 1 branch... ?

    EDIT:// Ha! Roll parameter in the Generation > Steps... But can I somehow even more randomise this? Now the branches kind of roll around the branches like circles...?

    Thanks and Greetz,
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    what I mean exactly with parallel trees:

    Click image for larger version

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      It is possible to do branch collisions using collections, but it is slower to compute. If you want, I can send you a example file of this.

      As for your other question about how to get a more random branch effect, under the 'Spine' tab (which is found under Tree Properties), there are three attributes that you can use: Start Angle, Alignment, and Roll.
      Next to each of these attributes is a 'Variance' button with +/- image on it. Once you click on it, you will be able to input a value that will then be subtracted and added from your primary value, which is then applied to random branches.

      Hope this helps you.


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        jeah I'd love an example on branch collision. I'll send you an email

        Thanks for the advice about randomising the branches!



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          Hi Jay,

          I attached a example file demonstrating Collections in this post.

          In order to create a collections of your mesh, you need to select the Generators that would like to create a collection from. In this example, I selected the 'Trunk' and 'Level 1' generators.
          I will then select the 'Tools' drop down menu in the 'Menu' bar and click 'Create Collection from Selection'. If you look in the 'Meshes' tab on the right hand side, then you will see a mesh that
          looks like you tree.

          Now you need to assign the collection as a Mesh Force. You do this by selecting the 'Force' button in the tool bar above the viewport, 'Add Force' --> 'Mesh' ---> 'Collection'.
          The 'Property' bar on the left should change and show the controls for your mesh force. You want to change your 'Force Action' to Avoid and 'Collide Action' to Obstruct. You can also find the mesh force in your geometries 'Forces' attributes.

          I hope this helps you.
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            Thank you very much! Going to look into it as soon as possible

            Hope you are having a nice day,