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Modelling a forest

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  • Modelling a forest


    I want to create a forest for the background of an architectural visualisation project.

    I'd like to have trees with leaves which look like these:

    Basically birch trees looking something like this :

    And the forest should look like:

    Now... how?^^

    I have so far created the trunk and a couple of branches but my problem is how can I populate the trees with proper leaves... if I put in tiny leaves i get like 500.000 polys... which is bonkers for like 20 background trees. And also they just do not look the way I'd like them to...

    I'd make like 5 different trees, but them into c4d, rotate and instance them around and finally put them into the alembic plugin to reduce the file size...

    Could you help me or maybe link / publish a tutorial on how to properly create meshes and materials for leaves? Would be awesome! Especially more leaves per leaf node, if you know what i mean ( like the SampleLeaves_1.tga which comes with the Speedtree Application)

    Thank you for your help!