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Can one upgrade from Studio to Cinema?

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  • Can one upgrade from Studio to Cinema?

    The title says it all. I am more than likely going to purchase Studio as I cannot afford Cinema right now but I want to know if there is an upgrade price...or will I have to swallow the $900 for Studio and pay the full price to upgrade.

    Thanks for info on this.

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    It is currently our policy to provide a credit equal to the full SpeedTree Studio price toward your Cinema purchase. In other words, if you buy one seat of SpeedTree Studio for $895, your Cinema purchase will be discounted by the same amount.

    (as always, this policy may change without notice)


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      Just took the first step...I just purchased Studio. Thanks for all your replies to my questions Kevin.


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        Thanks! I wondered about this also. I just purchased Studio 6, but would really, really prefer a version of Speedtree that creates quads. I did not read the comparison carefully enough before purchasing. (Sigh, but since I am just a freelancer, I probably could not afford the Cinema 6 version anyhow.)


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          Here's to hoping for the best for you Forester...that you may land a well paying contract that will allow you to upgrade...and to me too...though I have not even had the opportunity to even play with Studio since I purchased it...but that just means I am busy painting and I cannot complain about that.