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ST 7 - How to convert an existing tree to subd?

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  • ST 7 - How to convert an existing tree to subd?

    How can I take an existing tree, say one of the broadleaves from the library, and 'insert' a Cage node to convert it to SubD? I can get the cage node added to the graph easily enough, but I can't actually wire it up between the Tree and Trunk nodes.... Sorry if that's a newbie question....

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    In order to create a subD version of an already existing tree then you will have start from the beginning with only SubD nodes. Create the cage and subD trunk and link them to the tree generator. You can add the spine nodes as children of subD nodes but it does not work the other way around.

    Here is a link to a page in the docs that explains the process of converting a tree to subD:

    I hope this helps!


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      Thanks Sonia. I was hoping to convert one of the stock trees from the library and go from there. Too bad there's not a way to insert a cage node or swap a level for a cage version. Still, good to know! Thanks!


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        Oh and by the way, Sonia, that page doesn't actually explain how to convert a tree to subD, it just lists things to watch out for.... which is great info of course, but a clearer explanation of how we should do the conversion in the first place would be nice too.