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Smoothing Groups from 3ds Max

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  • Smoothing Groups from 3ds Max


    is ist possible to create a workflow like this.
    1. Create one mesh asset with several smoothing groups in 3ds Max.
    2. Export via STM.
    3. Import asset to leave node.
    4. Export tree model back to 3ds Max.
    5. Import model from SpeedTree to 3ds Max and all the smoothing groups (of the leave node) stay in place.

    Right now it seems the groups do not come in how I set them up. Some get lost and some persist.

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    Smoothing groups are pretty much a Max concept, so you will lose them when exporting to a format that doesn't support them (OBJ, STM). Also, the Modeler modifies normals on leaves according to a variety of parameters, which would invalidate the normals generated using smoothing groups anyway.

    If you could describe the problem you are trying to solve, perhaps we can offer another solution.


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      I want to simulate reflections on leafs. I have a highres 3ds Max smoothed mesh where I divided the surface in 5 diffrent groups. That looks awesome in the viewport. Now I want at least get the basic 2 groups - that divide the leaf in two parts - into SpeedTree. Right now the whole leaf is 1 group. So there is no specular change when rendered (the leaf section can be considered as a V shape) Do you know what I mean? I have tried with a specular map but then I have the some leafs now that don't have a reflection if viewed from top / more front angled. I thought with those smoothing groups from Max I could have more control.


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        I am unsure of what is happening with the leaves, would you mind sending the .SPM file with all the components?

        Thank you.