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Difference between Ver 7 and Ver 6 models in the Store?

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  • Difference between Ver 7 and Ver 6 models in the Store?

    Can you describe the most significant differences between the Version 7 plant models and the Version 6 models in the Store? I have several purchases, some V6 and some V7. I've looked for but don't immediately see any significant differences. However, I'm wondering if I should repurchase to update my V6 plants to the newer V7 versions.

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    The most significant difference between the V6 and V7 trees are the high-detailed models. The V7 _High trees have individual leaf meshes that allow for a more natural and accurate wind movement. The wind has also been fined tuned to accommodate these changes as well.

    Most of the changes have been done to the Broadleaf and Conifer tree groups; such as new textures, leaf meshes, and the trees being completely re-modeled in order to achieve a closer resemblance to the actual trees found in nature. Also, for some trees, new approaches and techniques have been applied to them. For example, the peeling bark on the River-birch tree or the snow clumps on the Winter_High Conifers.

    I hope this answers your question.


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      That is a great answer, and a very satisfying one as well. Thank you very much.