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Banyan Tree like complex trunk

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  • Banyan Tree like complex trunk

    Any ideas on how to model a banyan tree like complex trunk. This sort of trunk seems like a combination of many smaller trunks.

    Something like this image: (look at the trunk closest to camera)


    We are new to Speedtree. Any help, hints will be greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards

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    Well, if the combination of trunks approach is what you wish to use, then yes it can be done. Here is a picture of a example of a Banyan tree that I put together using this approach.

    Click image for larger version

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    Also, here is the file of the tree without the textures so you can see the parameters, forces, etc. that was needed to achieve this.

    Steps that I took:

    1. Create a 'Trunk' generator: Set the first and last values, so that when you increase the trunk frequency to get more trunks, the trunks will generate in a limited radius distance. You may have to node edit some of the trunks to obtain your desired effect.

    2. Create Vines: To create vines that grow around the trunk, I added another 'Trunk' generator, with a slightly bigger 'First' and 'Last' distance, so that the vines surrounded the trunk without intersecting it. I then adjusted my frequency, height and radius parameters.

    3. Collection: Depending on whether you want the vines to grow only around the trunk or on both trunk and branches, you will create a collection in order to make it a mesh force that the vines will grow around.

    For example: Once the collection is made, add the force into the scene and adjust the forces 'Force Action' parameter to 'Attract' and 'Collide Action' to 'Obstruct'. Then enable the force in the vines 'Forces' found on the left hand side in the 'Property Editor'. You will have to adjust the green and blue curves to your liking. You will notice that I coupled the 'Collection' force with a 'Direction' force to make the top of the vines hang down.

    Here is a docs page that describes this process:

    4. Textures: For more detail on the trunk, a good bark texture and normal map in essential. You can also apply a detail map for a more extreme effect. Depending on how detailed you want the tree, you can add a detail texture of vines which you will clamp and apply on top of the main bark texture.

    5. Welding: For smooth transition between the 'Trunks' and 'Branches', I would enable welding in the branches properties.

    I hope this helps you!
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