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SpeedTree, Arnold, and instancing

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  • SpeedTree, Arnold, and instancing


    First post here !

    I`m new to SpeedTree, and a simple CG Artist

    What i would like to achieve is to replace the exported leave geometry with instances, to keep the RAM at a decent level.
    Arnold doesn't like to evaluate opacity, shadow rays and transparency depth are very expensive for a path tracer
    So it has to be geometry leaves, and instancing is a plus.

    Scattering proxys on branches is something i'm looking at right now.
    Unfortunately they aren't affected by wind.
    That being said i doubt that it would be possible to list the pos/rot on a per frame basis with speedtree. Or is it ?

    Scattering leaves directly in maya is also an option. Wind on branches combined with a simple noise on the leaves should do the trick.
    But bye bye sky sensitiveness.........for my level at least

    Does anyone want to share inputs or experience on that workflow ?

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    While we have a feature request logged for exporting leaf positions as a point cloud (or some other way), there currently isn't an easy way to do that. What you may want to try is make a leaf mesh with a single triangle, export the tree grouped by geometry type, then in Maya replace every triangle in the leaves with an instance of your own.

    As for reducing transparency otherwise, you can make your own leaf mesh in Maya, or use the generate mesh tool to reduce the need for transparency as much as possible, maybe even entirely.

    Exporting as Alembic instead of FBX can also keep memory (both ram and disk) to a minimum, especially when exporting animations, though you'll need to handle materials separately.

    Hope this helps


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      Yes, that helps !

      I will definitely give it a try.