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    I am new to SpeedTree and have recently downloaded Cinema Eval. My primary interest in SpeedTree is to produce tree models for use in research and development (we are researching electromagnetic propagation in dense foliage and need tree models for our simulations). I am less interested in producing realistic looking images, and more interested in the exported meshes. Some of my questions are fairly basic:

    1) The .obj files have texture data, but it isn't clear what texture files they refer to. I'm actually not that interested in the texture per se, but need to be able to distinguish between leaves and branches (or any other object in the scene with different material properties). Is there a way to parse the obj file using the texture data to separate objects of different material types?

    2) Can anyone explain the .stm data structure? The first three position fields are pretty clear, but I'm unable to determine what the subsequent fields represent.

    3) When exporting a mesh, the eval version says that a "fully exported" tree is available in the install folder. However, I was unable to locate any mesh files of an entire tree. The files that I can read (e.g., .obj, .stm) all seem to be of just segments (e.g., ClippedFrond, BroadLeaves). With the eval version, do I have access to mesh files of a complete tree? (The trees I create and export myself have polygons removed from the output file, so my meshes have holes)

    Thank you for any help you can provide.


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    For 1 & 2, are you sure that you are exporting from the file->export mesh menu item? Since you mention STM, it sounds like you are instead trying to export leaf meshes embedded in the tree. When you export the tree, the OBJ exporter dialog has options for how the geometry is grouped. One of the options is by geometry type. See this documentation page for more information.

    For #3, the mesh is in samples/FBX Export. FBX is a common mesh format.

    Hope this helps


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      Thanks, that helps.