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  • Problem with Caps

    I'm having a recurring issue with finding uncapped branches showing up in the renderer. I tried locating the branches showing the problem in the Speedtree viewport with limited success. So, clearly I'm doing something wrong at the outset. Using the default settings for the sample objects and the Speedtree model of Greenleaf Manzanita with the addition of additional complexity to the mesh I'm also finding these 'white dots' in the render. Also, is there a 'shape' or 'skin' setting to reduce the branch end to a closed pointed mesh? Any assistance would be most appreciated.

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    After further deconstructing the spm's and the output from my rendering system (Terragen), the problem was with the assets. There were specular settings that caused small 'white dots' that in my limited ST experience looked like uncapped ends. All's well, no need to respond.