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  • Export Image Seguence With Growth


    Thank you for this great program. Very useful, and smart. I trying this program while a few days (evalation) and so great. But I have just a question. Why I can't preview export image seqeuence with growth? Seqeuence include wind ok but without growth. I am using eval editation. Is this problem?

    Thank you for your contributions.

    Have a nice day

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    May I ask what version of SpeedTree you are evaluating? One of the reasons why Growth may not be working is because it is only a feature that is included in Cinema and Games.


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      Sorry, I am using v7.04 cinema Eval x64. I am trying to growth wizard with recommended settings but dosn't work. "Some modeling features are unavailable or unstable during growth. These features and the actions that will be taken are listed below." I did this settings but againg and again came this message. When I try image seguence,include Just tree image with wind where i am on the timeline.