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RedDelicious_Med tree not texturing correctly in Maya

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  • RedDelicious_Med tree not texturing correctly in Maya

    Steps to replicate:
    Open SpeedTree
    Open RedDelicious
    Select Apples, Delete
    Click Wind Wizard, set to Calm
    Export Mesh, Wind+Bones, Default texture options, Y axis up, 10 seconds of animation
    Load SpeedTreeFBX for VRay plugin or with standard Maya FBX, either way
    Import the exported FBX
    There will be some large branch polygons that show up black in Maya.

    Can't figure out how to fix this yet myself, though I have been trying to tinker with the materials and figure out why it isn't working.

    Little help appreciated on how I can solve this issue.

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    What version of SpeedTree Modeler are you using?

    Can you send a screenshot of what you're seeing in Maya?


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      Using SpeedTree Studio v7.0.5 , sure I'll get a screenshot ASAP. (Not in at work at the moment)


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        Hey, I thought I posted this weekend but I guess it didn't go through.
        I'm on Speedtree Studio 7.0.5. Screenshot is attached.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	reddeliciousglitch.jpg
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          Any ideas on this? I've tried noodling with the shaders extensively, and it seems as though the texture isn't being hooked up to the opacity field correctly (in maya), but even filling that in to what I think would be correct, I get the same effect.


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            That geometry should have the "Branches_08.tga" image mapped to them. When it renders correctly that geometry represents the small, leafless twigs in that tree. We took it through the export process here and it came out mapped correctly so I'm not sure what's happening in your case. Could you try exporting only the fronds and see if they come out mapped correctly? You can do that by unchecking everything other than fronds on the export dialog.

            I apologize for the trouble and hopefully we can get to the bottom of it.


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              Doing that, it shows up the exact same way, just without the other geometry obviously.
              It's worth noting that it happens regardless of which shader setup I have going. If I import for mental ray, VRay, or just as a default FBX, the same issue happens.
              Trying to get a screenshot of an oddity I wanted to point out (mentioned previously), but now it's just telling me that my file isn't an FBX file when it is. (While using mental ray and vray importers)
              I'm on Maya 2013 00 in case I didn't mention it before.


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                Perhaps if someone for whom this works correctly could send me a Maya file of the correctly imported FBX, I could A/B the shader setups and see where the difference lies.


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                  I am attaching a download link with the FBX file with the working tree. The fronds appear in the interface window with the background behind them, however when you render it, the background disappears and just leaves the branch image.



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                    Thank you, downloading and will check it out shortly.


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                      Okay, I compared the files and while everything else was texturing correctly, the branches in the FBX provided above had an alpha texture hooked up where the one I had been able to generate did not. I went to SpeedTree and re-exported and specified to export alpha and detail textures, and that alpha is getting hooked up correctly.
                      In the course of figuring this out, my VRay script is not functioning correctly, but I will make a separate thread for that separate issue.
                      Thank you for the help on this.