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  • Help Please ;) New SpeedTree User

    Hi There
    We are using Speedtree on a large full CG Enviroment Show .My Questions

    Import OBJ/FBX doesn't work accurat,.,.i am exporting from Maya OBJ Terrain and 2 Props with the Pivot point at the Origin but can't get them in Speedtree at the same position??,..I have default maya Envirometn settings.

    2.Exporting Cmaera>Camera FBX same Problem,.doesn't line up inside Speedtree ?? < i know about the Orientation settings in Speed Tree,.but what wonders me is,that some objcts are working ,when i change to Y-Up ,but why some and some not??

    3.any way to move the pivot point inside SpeedTree?

    Kind Regards

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    Hi Cenay,

    1. I think the issue you are running into is that Maya is 'Y'-up and SpeedTree is 'Z'-up. So when the mesh is imported into Maya with 'Y'-up then the mesh usually appears to be rotated sideways in SpeedTree. You can change the orientation of the imported mesh once it is inside SpeedTree scene, by going to the 'Meshes' tab on the right hand side. There, you will see a viewport window showing your mesh, and above it are 2 controls names 'Orientation' and 'Flip'. These will allow you to change the orientation of you mesh anyway you like. Normally, I find that a 'Y'-up mesh from Maya, just needs to be set at the 'Orientation' of 'Y-Up Right-hand'.

    2. As for the Camera-FBX, I was unable to duplicate the issue you seem to be having. Would you mind sending me a zipped version of you Maya file so I can get a better idea what may be causing it?

    3. Unfortunately, there is isn't a way to change SpeedTree's pivot point, you can move the mesh and change tit's orientation though.

    Hope some of this helps!