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Missing geo at export

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  • Missing geo at export

    I have an issue with missing twig and level 1 geo when I export out my model using .FBX and .OBJ. I haven't check the .ABC at this time, but i suspect the same issue. I've attached a few image of what I am talking about. I have tried a few different setting by increasing poly count across the board I'm using modeler 7.0.5 at this time. Any idea how to get it back. It looks fine in Speedtree.

    JohnClick image for larger version

Name:	Missing_Geo_maya.jpg
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ID:	3229Click image for larger version

Name:	Missing_Geo_speedtree.jpg
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ID:	3230

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    I'm not sure I understand. Which geometry is missing in those images?

    Is it just super skinny so the viewport isn't showing it well? What happens when you render it?


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      The image with the green is the geo selection in maya. The other is the speedtree model (image was taken from approximately the same angle). I have tried to increase the diameter of the branches and twigs. Increased the segments and division as well. this has not helped make the branches bulkier. When I export out the model to use in Maya I end up losing sections of geometery in the twig area. That I can notice. It looks like the the geometry has been reduced from that the settings are in speedtree. It looks really weird to have leaves floating in mid air and no connection to the tree. I have talked to another colleague at another studio and he has had the same issue. I'm going to do some more testing today to see if I can resolve the issue. Thanks for any info you might come up with.


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        Would it be possible for you to send a zipped .SPM file? That way I can figure out exactly what may be causing this.


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          Sorry I can not, we are in production and under NDA agreements. I can reproduce the error easily and send that though.


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            We tried a number of things and couldn't reproduce it. If you can make a reproduction case, then please send it to [email protected]. Be sure to make a new folder, use "save as with assets" from the Modeler into that folder, and zip the whole thing up to send to us. That will ensure we get all the assets you used in the tree. We'll take a look and hopefully have some insight.