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  • UVing Branches

    hello everyone,

    I have a simple problem. i am using speedtree v7. i need my plant's branch to have a gradient texture on it. i mean my branch should start with a bark texture and by the end of the branch i need it to be more greenish. i am intending to use a gradient texture. i tried to set my u and v tiling in the texture coordinates tab. but each branch has different uv offsets. is there any way to solve this problem? i am attaching an image for reference

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Plumeria stalk -c.jpg
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    please help



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    You can approach this by adding a Detail layer texture in the bark or Branch material. In the nodes 'Textures Coordinates' attributes, there is an option called 'Layer' that lets you control the base texture, the detail texture or both. You can make the tan part of the bark as the detail and then the base layer the green part of the texture. When using the 'Detail' layer, you may want to clamp the Detail texture so it doesn't show more than once and so when you adjust the values in the 'U' & 'V Tile' it will just scale the detail texture based on the values entered.

    Here is a link to the documentation page that describes the UV Coordinates:

    I hope this helps!


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      More on this, if you're using a gradient texture you can just use absolute texture coordinates and bypass the detail layer. In the "Texture Coordinates" group change the style to absolute, u and v tile to 1.0, set u and v offset to 0.0, and set the variance on u and v offset to 0.0. That should force the texture to apply exactly once to the branch.


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        thank you very much sonia


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          thank you very much michael