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[Feedback] SpeedTree & UE4 for VR.

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  • [Feedback] SpeedTree & UE4 for VR.

    Heyas! Subscribed to the UE4 SpeedTree Modeler yesterday and have been having fun getting to know it, thanks for making this software more readily available! One thing that I've come across is the use of "Cards" which normally look great on a 2D monitor, but as soon as you move to a stereoscopic 3D display (Oculus Rift) the effect becomes much more apparent, more 'Fake' looking, and distracting.

    Seams like they're used to 'finish' off the ends of branches and to visually connect the leave generators to the branch generators on the default trees? What can I do to remove cards completely? Seams like a rock and a hard place for retaining graphical quality and keeping the performance hit to a minimum while all making it work well for gaming & VR. I'll probably figure it out, still learning the ins-and-outs of everything!

    TL;DR Feedback: I'd like more models that don't use cards in the future

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    We appreciate your feedback. For the cards, there are two things you can do. You can remove them completely and just use the leaf mesh or you can move them to the middle of the branches.

    To remove the cards you can delete the 'Leaf' node that is using them or disconnect that nodes connection to the branch. That way you'll just have the non-card leaf meshes. Depending how much removing the cards change the tree, you may need to edit the 'Leaf' nodes 'Generation' parameters, in order to fill some of the space up. I all really depends of preference. As for moving the cards up and down the branches, you need to change the values of the 'First' and Last', also found in the 'Generation' parameters under the left hand side property bar. If the triangle count becomes too high for your liking, then you can also try moving the cards to a lower level to hide them behind the leaf meshes.

    Hope this helps!
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      Awesome reply! Since posting that I've spent many more hours with it and mostly figured it out yesterday, SpeedTree is everything I dreamed it would be. Thanks for the rundown on removal of cards!

      Thank you for taking the time to reply, it's much appreciated!