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  • Branch knots

    Anyway to create this type of features in Speedtree?? The knots in the branches?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Knots1.JPG
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ID:	3234Click image for larger version

Name:	Knots2.jpg
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    Based on the 2 images you sent, you can take the same approach for both or use two separate ones.

    For the first image you posted, those are more like small bud knots in the twigs. For this, in order to keep the triangle count down for such a small area, I would create a texture of the twig branches with buds and make them as fronds: either the whole twig as a frond or, if you are not worried about triangle count, as a frond attached to the branch (Make a branch level and enable fronds in the 'Geometry Types' group in the Property bar).

    As for the second image. Those are large knots and mostly on the larger branches. After creating my branches, I would create a 'Knotholes' node and adjust the 'Length', 'Start Angle', 'Radius' and 'Generation' attributes until you get your desire placement and look. The 'Cap' and 'Welding' controls under the 'Branch' group will also be very important in getting the slope, border, smooth transition and the basic Knot look.

    I suggest reading the documentation to get a better idea what these controls do:

    If you have anymore questions or need more help then feel free to post.

    Hope this helps!


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      Thanks will try this!