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wind level 1 and 2?

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  • wind level 1 and 2?


    i am confused what the leveling is actually for. in the doc it says it affects the spines that where apply wind is checked on. it works perfectly on level 1 but nothing seems to happen on level 2.

    i am curious what the purpose of level 2 is.


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    From what I understand from your question, you are referring the Level 1 and Level 2 found under 'Branches' wind controls. I am unsure which version of SpeedTree you are currently running, but the UE4 modeler does not enable the option for a Level 2 branch wind, so that would be why it is not working.

    The way 'Level 1 & 2' works is the first branch/spine node that has wind 'enabled' would be considered the Level 1 branch wind controls, and the 2nd node after that has the wind enabled will be assigned to Level 2. This allows for different wind tuning for the two different branches.

    I hope this helps!