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growing vines around trunk problems

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  • growing vines around trunk problems


    i am trying to grow vines around a trunk.

    since i am using a subdivision tree i am not able to use a collection. it seems collections don't work with subD trunks. is that correct?

    my method was to finish modeling the tree than export the cage and reimport the mesh as a force to have the fines grow around the trunk. so far so good. the problem is that the vines now crawl significantly along the edges of the mesh force, which looks very unnatural.

    any tipps how to solve that?

    my other problem is that i added custom roots (handdrawn subD branches) to my subD trunk. now the vines like to grow along these roots and it is a pain to fiddle around with the settings to finally have them crawl along the trunk. is there a way to restrict that?

    thanks a bunch!

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    You are correct that collections does not work with SubD, this is something that will come out in a next release. You method is correct though.

    Would you mind sending us the zipped folder with the meshes and SPM file? Just do a 'Save as with assets' into a new folder and zip that up. That way we can see exactly what is causing the problem and what is the best way to solve it.
    You can send it to [email protected]

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