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  • Can't Find these question

    Sorry if this is a repeat...I cant find this question tho....

    Is there any way I can destroy the trees? Like Chopping down for wood? I seem to not be able too...

    Also....Will you please teach us how to make grass? I learned tress very fast but grass has me tumped

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    To answer your first question, unfortunately, SpeedTrees in UE4 do not currently support destruction.

    However, as for your question about grass, I can can give you a short explanation on how to make it and log down your suggestion for a video tutorial for making grass. Firstly, it depends on what type of grass you want to make; such as, if you want individual blades or a mesh with a group of grass blades on it. Once you find a grass blade image, you can either make a texture with multiple blades of just one. Then n a new SpeedTree scene, I would create a 'Mesh Frond' node from the template options. I would then assign the blade material to the 'Mesh Frond' node, in the 'Property bar' on the left hand side under the 'Materials' group.

    You may have to edit the 'Width' value, under the 'Frond' group, so that the ratio of height and width are correct for the blade texture. You can also create bends in the frond mesh by editing the 'Contour' blue curve and the 'Height' option, under the 'Fronds' group. With the 'Segments' group, you can control how many length segments are in the frond mesh, as well as how many Frond Shape segments are there.

    You can position the meshes by using the 'Generation' controls. Frequency will increases how many times the mesh repeats and 'First' and 'Last' controls the placement in the default zone on a scale of 0 to 1.

    I hope this helps you!


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      Thank you very much Sonia!