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No File Type Specific Options in Maya Import

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  • No File Type Specific Options in Maya Import

    please, can you help me,
    I have "No options available" in the box "File Type Specific Options" when I try to import FBX from SpeedTree Modeler in Maya :-(
    so I can import FBX inside Maya, but I have no options tools from Speedtree (no icons).
    when I choose FBX in "Files of Type", and when I select a FBX file, FBX options appears correctly (not FBX SpeedTree),
    but nothing happen with Files of type "SpeedTree FBX for V-Ray" (or neither with "SpeedTree FBX for Mental Ray")

    My config :
    Win7 64
    Maya 2012 SP2
    FBX Plug-in version : 2013.3 (197790)
    V-Ray for Maya version 2.20
    SpeedTree export in Mesh with V-ray presets (like explain in your Maya pipeline's help)
    vrayformaya.mll and SpeedTree FBX are loaded (in the Plug-in Manager)

    any idea about what I missed ?
    thanks for your help.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	SpeedTree_Maya_no_options_1920.jpg
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    Our script relies on FBX files being imported in a certain way that we control. When the script runs it imports the FBX file using Maya's loader with a specific set of options. It then processes the new nodes to do the vray material setup. So, it looks like everything is working like it should.

    If you need the options normally present on FBX files, you can still import the model that way (just a regular FBX import). Our script won't run so you'll have to fix up the materials manually but you'll get all your FBX options back.

    Hope this helps!


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      hello, thank you for your answer,
      I'v tried again to import in Maya, and everything seems to be ok now,
      I think my problem was from a bad installation of VRay, now I can see materials, and wind animation inside Maya ;-)


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        and now I've all options available !