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Color variation?

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  • Color variation?

    So, I'm using the UE4 modeler and I bought the white oak from the store and have been toying around with it to learn some more and noticed that the leaves in the leaf makers have a color variation added to them, but can't figure out how to turn that off, or edit it.
    According to the documentation there is supposed to be some color groups to use but I can't find it.

    Where can I find this setting?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Those controls are both admittedly hard to find and undocumented. I'm going to fix the undocumented part right now. The controls are on the "Window" properties. Select the "Window" toolbar icon and then select "Edit window properties...". The property bar should now have a group called "Screenshot assist". In there you will see the controls for HSV variation and level adjustment. The "Normal boost" makes the normal map less flat to help with leaf cloud lighting. You can see this effect if you change the render mode to "Normal map". When you use "Export material..." to create the maps, you should be in the "unlit" render mode.

    Sorry for the oversight!


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      Thanks for the quick reply Michael!

      That was exactly what I was looking for, now I can render out my leaves.

      Thanks again!