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Geometry disappearing and Speed Tree crashes when growth is enabled

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  • Geometry disappearing and Speed Tree crashes when growth is enabled

    I am using SpeedTree Cinema 7 Evaluation version and I am having some issues with the display and workflow.
    It could be either I missed something. Please let me know.

    I have made an Ivy grow along the wall and at some point along the length,.. the trunk and branches disappear. is it based on LOD display ? If so how can I correct it, so that i can see all the branches.
    you can see in the image about the problem.

    and the second issue is when I enable growth in the timeline. SpeedTree crashes instantly.. Could there be something wrong in my setup ?
    I tested with simple trunk and branches on a new scene and the growth works fine.

    Any ideas and thoughts on this will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance

    Click image for larger version

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    This has happened to me as well when bringing the file into an external 3d package. I've tried with several trees/plants and 3d software packages, but the branches and sometimes leaves will disappear/reappear like a flickering or glitch. I've tried installing the demo on another computer to see if it was my machine, but the same thing happens.

    Perhaps I've done something incorrectly. This software is quite complex and I don't want to exclusively blame the tool I'm using. However, the trees/plants I've worked on in ST will look fine in ST, but not so much when trying to transfer into other applications for building a full scene and compositing. Kudo's to the team that built the forest scene in the film, "Noah," very robust and complex, the realism was top-notch. I am obviously not on that level at this point and have to defer to their level of talent and expertise.

    I've given up on speedtree at the moment and am now checking out the plant factory PLE from eon.
    We'll see if it will work better. Good luck.


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      I can help you with the disappearing branches issue, however, one of our developers will have to get back to you about the crashing with growth enabled.

      From the picture you attached it seems like the branches are getting LODed out. There are 2 things that cause this by default. When you create branches, there is an default setting for LOD. In the LOD group, you will need to set the 'Branch Volume Threshold' to 1 and set the green curve next to it to max. On the blue curve make sure that the blue curve is at max too.

      Another aspect that affects the LOD of branches is the radius size. If the radius of the branch gets to thin, then automatically they LOD out. This usually occurs to the higher branch levels. To prevent this, you will need to adjust the radius in all the branches as well as the curves. When a branch/trunk node doesn't have a cap then those areas tend to thin out quickly. So in the blue curve, I would raise the right hand point so that there is a cap on each of the branches. I would also make sure all the branches growing off the trunk are set at 1. If the top branches still get LODed out, then I would switch the style from 'Relative' to 'Absolute'. 'Relative' automatically makes the branches thinner based on the radius of the parent. However, 'Absolute' make all the branches radius the same size. You will have to use the green curve to alter the sizes a little, but you will have more control on the upper branch radius.

      I hope this helps!