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How to make a cluster of trees - Speedtree 6.32 for Games

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  • How to make a cluster of trees - Speedtree 6.32 for Games

    In Speedtree 4.x there is an option in the Tools menu to instantly create a cluster of trees based on a single tree model. This always worked beautifully to instantly create clusters of randomized trees from the base seed tree. I have just finished a custom Atlas Cedar and would like to create such a cluster of this tree. However, I can not find this option in Speedtree 6.32 for Games which I am using to generate new tree variants for use in our simulator software. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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    In order to make clusters in the newer versions of SpeedTree, you will need to make zone generators with the generators that make the tree the children of said zones. You can control how many zones you wish to have, the randomization, placement, and the number of the meshes that appears in the zones.

    You can find in depth explanation of zones on our docs page.

    I hope this helps!


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      Thank for the info Sonia!