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Speedtree Material Node and Material Instances in UE4

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  • Speedtree Material Node and Material Instances in UE4

    Hi there,

    I have a question about the SpeedTree material node and Material Instances in UE4. I really like how upon import into UE4 materials are created and hooked up to the meshes. However, we use a lot of material instances on our project. I was wondering if there was any support (or any coming in the future) to use the SpeedTree Material Node in Material Instances.


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    The importer doesn't make material instances, as you saw. The problem with putting the SpeedTree node into an instance-able material is that the geometry type and wind type change depending on what the tree needs in that material.

    You could restrict yourself to a certain type of wind (let's say "better"), and then make 5 materials (one for each geometry type) that could be instanced wherever needed. You would have to manually assign the instance to the mesh's material slots, and change the textures the instance uses, but this would get you going with what you have right now.

    To make it better, I think the wind type and geometry type should actually be inputs that can be overridden with material parameters. Then you could have a single material that can be used for all SpeedTree material instances. If the importer could hook those up for you, that would be pretty nice. I will log to look into this.


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      Hi, Greg

      Thanks for the quick reply! That would be awesome if the Wind and Geometry type could be overwritten with material parameters. Thanks for looking into that! For now I'll create the 5 materials and create instances from those.