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  • Scale resolution.

    Hi ,

    I'm looking for the "Scale resolution" tool. On the website,in the "what's new in Version 7" it says that it "Quickly scales the amount of polygonal detail without affecting the shape of your model". Anyne a knows where that is?

    I'm working on a root system with forces, and as soon as I change my resolution (radius), it changes the shape of the roots. Has anyone a solution for this problem?

    Thank you


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    Are you colliding the roots against themselves using collections? If so, changing radial segments will change the shape because the roots are colliding with different geometry. Otherwise, changing radial segments should be safe. Do you think you could upload a model that shows this problem?


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      Yes I am using the forces to collide witha another object that is imported in speedtree as an obj. Sorry I can't upload the model, it is for my work.

      Is there another way of optimisng the model without that would preserve the shape?

      thank you


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        Colliding against an imported obj shouldn't be changing the shape when you change radial segments. I ran a couple of tests to make sure and it worked as expected in my tests. Are you working under a SpeedTree for Games license? Cinema? We can take this exchange off the forum and maybe make it easier for us to share assets.