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Feature restrictions in SpeedTree for UE4

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  • Feature restrictions in SpeedTree for UE4

    I installed SpeedTree for UE4 on mac. I've been following the "SpeedTree Tutorial: Modeler Basics. I did immediately realise a slight different in the interface, but put this down to the older version the tutorial is running.

    Inside the modeller I want to adjust the height of the branches up the tree but the interface of the tutorial differs from my version of SpeedTree. Whilst selecting Level 1 branches if I go over to the Generation drop down there is no First or Last adjustment. On the Style drop down of the tutorial the tutor has Relative selected, however on my version I only have a choice of Classic, Proportional, Proportional steps, Absolute and Absolute Steps.

    Does this mean that there are restrictions in place for the different versions of SpeedTree or have these adjustments been moved elsewhere in an upgrade of the interface?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    The SpeedTree modeler in the tutorial is the older version, so yes the interface is slightly different. However, when it comes to basic modelling in SpeedTree, there are no restrictions in the UE4 that you have. Yes, there are differences in different SpeedTree versions, such as UE4, Studio, Cinema, Games, however they have nothing to do with the main parameters.

    In the video, the Classic style in the 'Generation' group is being used. In the newer releases of SpeedTree, we kept that style for backwards compatibility with the older trees but enhanced the Generation growths in order to make it easier. With the Proportional, Proportional steps, Absolute and Absolute Steps, these are default groups that have been put together from setting you can set in the classic version. For example, Proportional/Proportional steps is the same as using the Classic style with relative selected. The amount of steps and children will depend of the average length of the parent spine. As for Absolute/Absolute Steps, this is the same as using Classic with Absolute style selected. The exact number of step or children you entered will appear.

    Here are the docs that describe these controls and groups:

    Hope this helps!