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very bright trees and unwanted color variation

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  • very bright trees and unwanted color variation


    i don't know if i should ask here or in the ue4 forums.. sorry, if this is in the wrong one..

    i started using speedtree with ue4 and everything looks ok until i place the trees on the landscape.
    the trees are very, very bright. almost glowing. i have a directional light and a skylight in the scene and i can turn dorm the lights so much, that the trees look ok, but the terrain is very dark then. what is the best way to balance this? i edited the textures a bit and this helped, but the shadows on the trees are still much brighter than on the terrain.
    the other problem is, some trees have almost red or blue leaves. i guess, this is some sort of color variation going out of control? but i don't knwo where to fix this.

    thanks for any help!!

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    Be careful with specular. UE4's use of specular doesn't completely jive with the specular maps SpeedTree uses, so sometimes it can make leaves glow in some lighting situations. But other than the that, I am unsure about what could cause the trees to be so bright. Did you build lighting on them?

    The color variation per tree is caused by the color variation node in the leaf and billboard materials. The default value should be very low, but you can edit it, or remove that node entirely.


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      ah, this did the trick. thanks a lot i will built lighting again now, but it already looks a lot better!