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Custom LoDs?

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    Julia Piasecki

  • Julia Piasecki
    To change the number of LOD levels, you go to the Tree Properties. Under the Level of Detail tab/section, you can change the number of levels with the count option. Normally the trees we make have 3 levels (High, Medium, Low), but you can add more by changing the count from 3 to 4 (if you want 4 levels).

    Click image for larger version

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    Now, in order to change the triangle count on each of the levels, you would select a node from the Generation Tab and then play with the settings for that node (part of the tree) under the Level of Detail tab.
    Ex. Generation -> Trunk Node -> Level of Detail - (Alter settings)
    Click image for larger version

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    Usually the settings I manipulate are the Segment Multiplier, Length Segment, Radial Segment and Branch Volume. When you alter the graph, the point on the left is the detail and the highest and the right point affects the level if detail at the lowest LOD.

    I am providing a link below with more information. I hope this helps!


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  • kaspi
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  • kaspi
    started a topic Custom LoDs?

    Custom LoDs?


    I have just subscribed to the SpeedTree for UE and everything is great, but I can't find out how to create custom levels of detail. It looks like the LoD slider is going by steps, making 3 LoDs: first is around 40k, second is around 17k and the third is around 7k.

    Is it possible to have a custom number of LoDs (4)? And is it possible to set how much polys should each of the LoDs have? I think 7k is too much for a third LoD.

    Thank you for any help!