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Noob question. Speed tree to ue4

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  • Noob question. Speed tree to ue4

    Hey Everyone,

    I am having issues with overlapping uv maps on any speedtree item once brought into ue4. I made sure the uv maps weren't red in the speedtree modeler program but once its imported into ue4 the light build will give me uv overlapping errors. Anyone have suggestions? If anyone needs me to post error images to help figure things out let me know.

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    Hey there,

    Would you be willing to send the a copy of the model you're having trouble with to [email protected]m? That way we can take a look at your specific issue.



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      We got your tree over email. However, if you ever need to send us a tree again, please use "save as with assets" from the file menu into an empty folder and then zip that folder up. That way we get all the textures and meshes, which are missing from the tree you sent.

      But even without the textures and meshes, I believe that tree is our VFX blue spruce model. It has *way* too much geometry to be used in real time. Most of our hero UE4 models are in the 50k range, and that model has 4x that much. We do have a UE4-ready blue spruce model available on our store, btw.

      But to answer your specific question, I believe it has to do with how much geometry that model has. You're packing the unwrapped tree into a 256 lightmap, but very little geometry is resolving to higher than one texel. That is, an entire chunk of geometry on the tree is being shoved inside one texel of the lightmap texture. You're probably just running into floating point tolerances when UE4 scans the model to make sure it doesn't have overlapping geometry. You could raise the size of the lightmap until things aren't packed in so much, and also make sure you adjust the lightmap scales to use every last bit of the texture space.

      But a better bet would be to reduce the complexity of that model as a whole. It'll work much better in UE4 that way.