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Add single leaf mesh - or multiple - to a specific branch node?

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  • Add single leaf mesh - or multiple - to a specific branch node?


    Is it possible to add a single leaf mesh - or, let's say, two additional leaf meshes - on a single branch node? It must be possible, I simply couldn't find the button yet. Thanks in advance for your help!

    All the best,


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    Hi Nicolas,

    It is possible. Please take a look at the example file here. Although the specific answer deals with Materials, you can do the same thing with Meshes.

    Hope this helps.


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      Hello Dave,

      So basically the suggestion is to create a new leaf material, correct?




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        You wouldn't necessarily have to create a new material. In the leaf_distribution.spm, you can see that you can adjust either the material or the mesh (or both) per leaf. But I think I misunderstood your original question. My original answer applies to leaves across the entire branch generator, rather than a particular branch node. There are a couple ways to add one or two meshes on a particular branch node, but they're not exactly straightforward.

        One method is to simply node edit the leaves on a particular branch. See node_edit_leaves.spm. In that example, you can see a couple green leaves. Each of those green leaves was a red leaf that was node edited with a new material (in the Leaves property), but you can adjust the mesh (geometry) just as easily as the material. At this point, because you're node editing, you can adjust placement, rotation, and scale as well.

        The other method is a bit more involved. See leaf_on_one_branch.spm for reference. Add a leaf generator to the branch generator to which the single branch node you want the leaves on belongs. In the Generation property of the leaf generator you just added make the absolute number = 0. Enter node editing mode and select the branch you want the leaves on. In the Common property of the branch you just selected, increase the Number of children. As you do so you will see instances of your leaf appear, at which point you can enter node editing and adjust material, mesh, placement, rotation, and scale of each leaf.

        I hope this helps.

        Link to example .spm files:
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          Hello Dave,

          yes, that certainly helped. I will try it out right away - Thank you!