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  • Problem CUSTOM mesh


    I have a problem when I import a custom mesh saving from Speedtree (Unity Licence) to Unity.

    I explain what I did.
    1)I imported a trunk .obj (generated with another Speedtree I think) in Speedtree Unity.
    2)I used, as explained in the tutorial concening the use of custom mesh, a Mesh FROND and applied the mesh and the material.
    3)In Speedtree I see no problem, but when I import in unity i see that :

    Click image for larger version

Name:	issue_Unity_5_beta_Speedtree.png
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ID:	3257

    Any Idea why? and if yes, Any suggestion?

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    You're using the mesh as a frond. Frond textures are packed into the atlas by default. I'm betting your custom mesh has UVs outside 0-1, which means it's sampling outside of the texture in the atlas.

    You can either make sure your mesh has UVs within 0-1, use a zone or force mesh instead of a frond, or set the Compiler Usage option on the material to "force copy" instead of "default". I believe any of those will fix what you're seeing.