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How can I make vines and growth in speedtree cinema 7?

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  • How can I make vines and growth in speedtree cinema 7?


    In the sample files of st cinema 7, there is a file called vines. Which also contains growth animations.

    I want to make my own vines with my mesh. But I can't find the "vines" node in the template as used on the file.

    Also for any tree, I can't get the growth animation to make work. When I go to Tools>Growth Wizard.. I get some warnings and asking me if I want to continue or not. When I click yes, the window just disappears and nothing happens. In the timeline I have tried to check the growth checkbox. Then I get simple growth animation. But it's not natural. What is the proper way to create customized growth animation?

    Please let me know
    Thanks in advance!

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    Hey there,

    We have documentation about growth animation. Also, included in the sample files is the Huangshan Pine which has growth animation. Both of those references should give you a good starting point for achieving the growth animation you're seeking.

    Hope this helps.