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Custom mesh with multiple materials

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  • Custom mesh with multiple materials


    I have a custom mesh with 2 materials on it.
    I export it to speedtree in obj file but I can't find how dissociate the two parts of my custom mesh.
    I would like apply one material for each part and, the most important, I would like to have these parts on return to my software.

    Actually I have just one merge mesh with one material.

    Do you have an idea how can I achieve this ? Thanks.
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    Unfortunately, SpeedTree does not support multi-material meshes. You would need to combine the textures in one image (like an atlas map) and re-UV map it. From there, just import the mesh and apply the Material on it that has the combined texture.

    Hope this helps.


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      Thank you for reply.

      I'll take note of combine textures technique. Unfortunaly, In my case I need 2 real differents materials and not one big with a blending of two heterogeneous shaders.
      But I find a workaround : In my 3D software I move uv of the second part of mesh on a the side (like 10 unit on u). And when I get back my mesh to my 3d software, I easily select uv of the second part of object and detach or create cluster from this.