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  • tree references

    i am looking for good references for trees. images from full trees without leaves and branches.

    what sites are you using?


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    I'm not with the SpeedTree support, just trying to help.
    You can search on Google for "the tree name" + " structure" or "diagram". The sites that are useful are the ones from universities mostly as they are accurate.
    You might also want to check some books on Amazon related to those. I don't recall now but there are a couple of great books describing everything and are hundreds to thousand pages each.
    Hope that helps


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      Where to turn to for resources really depends on the amount of research material you need and how in detail you wish to get.

      Going to a store or library and getting books dedicated to plants/trees/flowers is always a good way to go. You can also go outside if the plant is regional and take you own references. last but not least you can use search engines to enhance your research. There are many sites and documented sources, along with images, that go into a lit of detail.

      My advice is to use the mixture of all three of these.

      Hope this helps!