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Batch export meshes using the compiler

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  • Batch export meshes using the compiler

    SpeedTree v6.0 compiler issue.

    I have a simple session with 3 atlases. Each atlas contains 3 tree models. I simply want to batch export all of them as FBX models. When I select export meshes, it is only exporting the 1st tree listed in the 1st atlas.

    If I Rt-click on a specific atlas & select export, the result is only the 1st tree being exported within that atlas.

    I do not see a way to select a specific tree model and export. So I'm essentially stuck (unless I go back and export them individually via the modeler).

    Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong? Please refer to the attached image showing the compiler & the resulting files. Notice in the FBX Exporter dialogue that only 1 object is being detected.

    Really appreciate any help you can provide!
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    I am seeing the error with v6, though our internal version is not doing it, so hopefully we have fixed it. But I will log to make sure.

    To work around for now, once the FBX (or other mesh export) dialog pops up, browse to the export folder. See those XML files in there? Copy them or rename them so the Compiler doesn't clean them up. Then click cancel on the export dialog. Then you can drag each one of the XML files onto the exporter executable you want to use, for instance <apps>/Exporters/FBXExporter. This will pop up the dialog and save the output next to the xml file.

    Sorry for this inconvenience, but that will get you going for now.

    Out of curiosity, why are you exporting static meshes like that from the Compiler? You will lose all the dynamic wind, lod, etc. info going that route instead of using the SpeedTree SDK.


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      Thanks for confirming Gregg. Your suggestion for a work-around works. I may just export straight from the modeler for now.

      I'm just mocking up some concepts with these meshes. So I don't need all of the info contained in the SRT.